Gourmandises et délices

Delicacies and delights - An appetizing invitation to all those who look with greedy eyes at colors.
Eating macaroons is always a culinary pleasure with many different experiences of taste if you have the courage to experiment : taste pistachio, sweet peachy and cream with raspberrytaste.

Method : Acrylic on canvas, 100% cotton, wired and ready to hang.
Picture with modeling paste, reliefs and thickness effects.
Our paintings are signed in front and back of the canvas, come with invoice and an authenticity certificate of authenticity.

Home decor idea : Elevate your dining room home decor and your kitchen wall with one-of-a-kind piece, contemporary and colorful, signed by the artist Dana Paduraru-Komori.
Sizes: 50x70cm (19.7x27.6")
Style: figurative
Dominance: sky blue, pink, green
Artist: Paduraru-Komori Dana (PKD)
119 €
80 €